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Designed to connect you with multiple providers, enabling them to collaborate and improve your outcome wherever and whenever

Fitness & Rehabilitation

Get support from experts and develop a home plan for fitness or rehabilitation! Build your team to help you reach your goal!

Specialist Collaboration

Choose your team including experts in the following fields: Nutrition, Psychology, Fitness and Physical Therapy, Medical Doctors and more.

Nutrition Guidiance

Add a nutrition expert to your team todayl! Improve performance, get healthier and support the healing process with your diet.


Request a Tele-Health Appointment with Anyone in your Collaboration Team Today. Dont miss an appointment. Get Reminder Emails. and Fill pre appointment forms all from the comfort of your home. No more long drives and long queues


Awesome Features

Secure Electronic Record Keeping

Reduce the amount of time spent keeping, sorting and sending patients health records. Our system allows you to create, update and share patients record securely and efficiently.

Virtual Health Care empowers patients to manage their health and care in new ways. Our remote monitoring and real-time meaningful interventions will change the way patients engage in their health. No barriers!!!

Create and Track Tasks

Accomplish more by breaking down work into specific tasks with deadlines, track completion and manage records relating to tasks. View completed task during E-Appointments.


We have provided tools to make sure you stay connected to your health providers anytime, any where.

The Future Of the Health Industry

The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease - Thomas A. Edison

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WHAT IS IHEALTH.TEAM is the secured portal from iACHE LLC. It is a platform for the coordination of care and optimization of communication between providers and patients.

The patient selects a team of collaborators to develop and maintain a treatment plan and goals. The patients and providers will have access to tasks with progress bars, submit recommendations, share records, clinical decision support among other benefits, including a videoconferencing tool.

We focus on an integrative team that ideally should include a physical therapist, fitness expert, nutritionist, your primary care doctor and specialists.


Health Providers


Tasks Completed


Happy Patients IS FREE to start! includes a free trial for health providers. Scaling your business has never been so Easy. So what are you waiting for...

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There are a other Tele-Health Platforms, so why

Traditional Others


No Effective
Telehealth Care


Limited Longitudinal care
Patient Engagement


Rare Excellent


Additional/Expensive No added fees
Cost to use


Varies (Med to High) Low
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Are the providers associated with IACHE LLC?

No, we provide this resource to users and providers of care but they are not affiliated with iACHE LLC. They are independent practitioners who believe that using this resource will improve their patients outcomes and allow them to have a broader impact in the health of our communities. As independent practitioners they will set their own fee schedule.

You will find different ways in which each of the practitioners use this resource. Each provider is responsible for following their local law and guidelines on Telemedicine. Some providers will not be able to see every patient, especially if they are not licensed in the state where the patient is present at that time, in this scenario, most providers will be happy to provide general/second opionion in a non specific manner as general advice.

How are Consultations billed?

Each provider is free to bill the patient directly, before or after a consultation and they set their own fee schedule. We use stripe connect to allow providers to process credit card payments. Stripe collects a per transaction fee. We do not receive any fees from Stripe at iACHE LLC.

Is secure?

Yes! is fully HIPAA-compliant and we exceed national standards for data security and privacy. Your information is highly protected, and never shared with individuals or entities without your explicit permission. You get to choose who has access to your files

Is my care covered by insurance?

It totally depends on your insurance. We wish the answer was always "yes", and were getting there, but right now itll depend on your carrier. If you have any questions and think you may be eligible, please contact your provider.

How much does cost?

Access to the portal is free to try and without commitments. Ask us about the different tiers of access and our cost structure. Access to state of the art telehealth systems is more accessible now that is here!


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